Discover the Capsizer 8000! A boat flipper, boat turner, a 'work horse' of a machine for boat bottom repairs!

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  • Labor saving, reduces boat handling time

  • Eliminates the need to remove engine, trolling motor, swim platform or windshield

  • Safer working conditions

  • Easy trailer removal

  • One-year full warranty

  • Lifted boat can be adjusted to proper angle by one person with the turn of a crankF

Gibbons innovative thinking designed and built the Capsizer 8000 based on the actual needs of a boat bottom repair shop. The Capsizer 8000 lifts, turns, rotates, or swivels a boat on its side for safer working conditions. After the boat is lifted or inverted, it can be adjusted to any angle by one person with a simple turn of a crank on the self-locking gear box. One-person operation means increased productivity and increased profits. Busy service and repair shops across the country are finding more profit per job by using the Capsizer 8000.

The Capsizer 8000 allows the boat to be positioned at proper angles, providing technicians with safer working conditions. There is no need to work underneath the boat, which promotes worker safety. The Capsizer 8000 saves money by reducing workplace injuries.

The Capsizer 8000 can be used for most boats up to 8,000 pounds. Gibbons also created an adapter for the special designs of jet ski watercraft, further expanding the flexibility of the Capsizer 8000.

For small and large boats up to 24 feet, the Capsizer 8000 becomes an extra technician providing the manueverability and strength for working on tough to reach places on boats. The Capsizer 8000 is a necessary 'work horse' in any boat repair shop.

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Capsizer 8000 Unassembled


Capsizer 8000 Assembled

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Capsizer Specs:

  • 8000 pound capacity (tested by an independent laboratory, EAPC Architects and Engineers)

  • Equipped with 2-ton chain hoist on front section and 3-ton chain hoist on back section; Telescoping arms attach to 1 bow eye and 2 stern eyes

  • Heavy duty structural steel tubing - 3/16 inch to 3/8 inch

  • Heavy duty 6 inch steel casters for easy moving with brakes on 4 wheels

  • Setup time: approximately 4 hours

  • Assembled 9'6" height; Archway 8'6" wide for trailer exit; Trailerway height clearance 42"

  • Compact for easy storage ( 4'7" X 9'2"; rear support frame fits inside front support frame)

  • Shipping size 3' X 50" X 8'6"

  • Weight - 2,400 pounds crated; ships by Class 85

  • Portable for use indoors and outdoors