Color By Boat Manufacturer


If you have a boat manufactured by anyone on this list, we have your Poly-Flake match. If you don't see your boat manufacturer listed, call your boat manufacturer, give them your H.I.N. # and they will give you the color name and number for us to fill your order. Then email us or call us at (800) 282-8244.

Astro Boats

Champion Bass Boats

Javelin Boats Procraft Boats

Ranger Boats

Skeeter Bass Boats

 Stratos Boats   

Custom Gelcoat color matching is available from your sample.

To insure color accuracy, all 'Color Matches' are computer scanned for exact color content and then again visually inspected by a trained color technician. A 'quarter size' sample of the color is then extracted from the finished color to insure quality assurance.

Sales on all Gelcoat, Paint and related products are Final. No Returns!!

SHOP ON-LINE or call 1-800-282-8244 to place your order.