Spot Repairs

Step 1a:

Apply wax and buff out over and around area to be repaired before making necessary substructure repairs and final cut out.

Step 1b:

Color under area should match to prevent any show-through. You may have to re-cut or sand area deeper, fill with color and re-shape to proper depth. Cut just enough to remove existing pattern.

Step 1c:

If a router is used, taper back the straight cut edges with sandpaper around repair area.

Step 2:

Cut Flex-Mold large enough to leave at least 1" or better overlap of repair area. Place over repair area and move around until you feel it mesh into existing pattern.

On some patterns, such as diamond, you can cut two corners at angles to correspond with diagonal line of the pattern to help assure proper alignment. When Flex-Mold is properly placed and depth of area is correct, you should be able to run your hand over Flex-Mold and it will feel flat and level.

Step 3:

With Flex-Mold in place, tape down one edge to hold firmly in position. Roll Flex-Mold back on a tube.

Step 4:

Put a liberal amount of gel coat along edge of repair area and slowly roll Flex-Mold into gel coat. Make sure to push a wave of material ahead of Flex-mold in order to expel air. Gel coat should be thinned a little.

Step 5:

Squeegee over back of Flex-Mold with a wiping motion using moderate pressure.

Step 6a:

Let cure and remove Flex-Mold.

Step 6b:

Use a hardwood stick or like object to remove the excess gel coat from the pre-waxed surface from around the repair area.

Step 6c:

If done properly, color match is good and the pattern lends itself to a good match up, a near perfect repair will result.

The Flex-Mold is coated with green polyvinyl (PVA). This serves as a release agent, as well as a barrier coat that prevents a chemical reaction that will occur between the Flex-Mold and gel coat, resulting in a distorted pattern.
The Flex-Mold can be used repeatedly, as long as the PVA coating is intact. Oce PVA has begun to come of the Flex-Mold, wash remaining PVA off with water. Let Flex-Mold dry and reapply PVA with a spray gun by misting on about six coats.