Buffing Compound Bars



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The white dry buffing compound (BOD38-22W) has a very slight bite and is excellent for final finish. It brings a high luster to cosmetic gel coated surfaces. The red dry buffing compound (BOD38-23R) is designed to get to the deeper scratches in the molds. It has more bite and is designed to take out up to 600 grit scratches in the mold. When the red compound is used, it can be followed with the white compound to bring out an even deeper brilliance. The silver dry buffing compound (BOD38-24S) is comparable to the red except it is colorless. It can be used on molds and all cosmetic gelcoat surfaces. These buffing compounds are used successfully by the marine, tub and shower, and synthetic marble and other miscellaneous industries with NO MESS. They are particularly good in large boats where wood, fabrics and other non FRP materials are already installed.

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BOD38-22W           White Buffing Bar
BOD38-23R            Red Buffing Bar
BOD38-24S            Silver Buffing Bar

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