Straight Colors


This is a premium line of glitter and is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. This is made from an ultra thin aluminum foil base, and the color coat is a thermoset crosslinked epoxy system. It is suitable for use in many solvent based systems as well as dry applications. Ideal for use in plastics. Standard size range for this product is .008" through .125". Also available in .0025", .004" and .250".

Bright Silver - MBI1E 


Golden Orange - MBI7E

 Sand - MBI2E

Bright Orange - MBI8E


 Gun Metal - MBI35E


Apricot - MBI9E


 Black Fox - MBI32E


Cherrywood - MBI41E


Soft Black - MBI36E


Antique Brown - MBI31E


Pale Gold - MBI3E


Crimson - MBI37E


Rich Red Gold - MBI43E


Brilliant Red - MBI10E


Dark Gold - MBI4E


Brilliant Copper - MBI30E


Chartreuse - MBI6E


Salmon - MBI27E


White - MBI77E


Multi - MBI88E

Nutmeg - MBI29E


Moss Green - MBI38E

Dusty Rose - MBI45E


River Green - MBI21E


Fuchsia - MBI12E


Emerald - MBI20E

Lavender - MBI26E


Nottingham Forest - MBI39E


Purple - MBI13E


Ice Blue - MBI24E

Sea Green - MBI23E


Sky Blue - MBI25E


Limetreuse - MBI60E


Medium Blue - MBI17E

Gold Fire - MBI22E


Peacock - MBI16E


Aqua - MBI18E


Royal Blue - MBI15E