Why use Auromat


  • LIGHT-WEIGHT: Increased thickness with low weight.

  • EASY TO USE: AUROMAT application doesn't require sophisticated equipment or specific tooling.

  • ECONOMICAL: The micro-cellular structure provides volume with very low weight, and voids that allow easy incorporation of resin. Resin consumption in a laminate may be reduced as much as 20%. Example: 1 layer of AUROMAT HMX4 replaces the time and materials used when building-up a sandwich with 4 layers of fiberglass and resin.

  • MALLEABILITY: AUROMAT can be adjusted to any mold shape.

  • STIFFNESS: When used as a core, AUROMAT will help to build-up thicker laminates with vey high rigidity.

  • EXOTHERMIC CONTROL: Using AUROMAT allows the use of fewer layers of resin and fiberglass mat, which allows less down time normally required to avoid overheating of the composite.

  • SHEAR STRENGTH: AUROMAT fabric will not be damaged when applied with a conventional spreading roller.

  • COST / BENEFIT RELATIONSHIP: All the above properties result in reduced labor and material costs, while providing a light weight yet strong composite.